May I visit the club and/or play the course before joining?

We would love to host you as a guest of one of our current members to enjoy our beautiful golf course, pool and other fine amenities. Don’t know a current member? Contact our Membership Director to arrange a personal meeting and tour of the Club.

Do I need to know a member or be sponsored in order to join the Club?

No, in fact we are excited to welcome new members from all over the country. It is Railside's hope that our comfortable surroundings and warm welcome make Railside a place to foster friendships both old and new.

How long does the application process take?

If you are ready to join the Railside community, we want you to start enjoying the benefits of membership as soon as possible. After you complete your membership application, there are a few short steps to finalize the process.  Once the application is done, you may begin using the Club within five business days.

Can my family use the Club under my membership?

Yes, our family rates for Regular, Junior and Senior memberships are perfectly designed to give the entire family access to the wonderful amenities that Railside has to offer. This means that all members of the family can utilize the golf course, practice facilities, pool, locker rooms and clubhouse throughout the entire season. Juniors (under the age of 16) may play unaccompanied by permission of the Golf Professional Staff at the times recorded in the Course Rules and Regulations. This decision is based on the Junior’s playing ability and knowledge of golf rules and etiquette. A parent or guardian must accompany all other Juniors on the course.

When am I expected to pay my dues for the first year?

Your first dues payment will be due upon joining. The following payment options are available: one payment (due January 15), four payments, or nine payments. Please see the Membership Director for specific information about payment amounts and arrangements.

Once I join, can I change my membership in the future?

Yes. Current members may upgrade their membership category as their lifestyle and membership needs change. Applicable fees will be charged based on the above mentioned dues payment schedule.